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There are SO many things that can go wrong with your Clothes Washer when yours decides to stop working correctly you may be left feeling a little overwhelmed! Fear not cause Sun City Appliance Repair is here! We have ALL the experience that an appliance repairman could need when tackling even the trickiest of appliance repair problems! ALL of our technicians are factory certified and will get the job done RIGHT and RIGHT the FIRST TIME!
Below we have composed a list of tips and tricks to keep your washer in the best shape and hopefully save you some $$$ in the long run.

- ALWAYS be sure to load your clothes ( garments, quilts, comforters etc.) in a circular fashion so the load does not become unbalanced.

- Be sure to change your belts and hoses every 6 months (minimum) to 2 years (maximum)

- If you have a Front Load HE machine, Be sure to keep your washer door open after EVERY cycle as long as possible. Actually to be safe just leave it open when your not using it!

- For front load machines be sure to wipe down the excess water on the front door gasket (bellow) so mildew and mold does not have a place to grow!

As always we want to THANK YOU for choosing Sun City Appliance Repair!!

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